读学校 was delighted to host its biennial 职业生涯 Convention on Thursday 3 March 2022

易胜博官网很高兴地欢迎超过800人 读学校 学生及家长, over 40 representatives from diverse employment sectors 而且 professions, 还有4位来自跨国组织的主讲人. 8至13岁的学生被邀请参加易胜博官网两年一度的活动, which represents a particularly important opportunity to support pupils to make decisions about their GCSE, A-level和高等教育选择.

易胜博官网的头条赞助商是 莱珀·古普塔家庭律师事务所, a Legal 500 UK Leading Firm based in Reading which helps with all aspects of divorce, 分离, 民事伴侣关系, 婚姻协议和其他可能影响家庭生活的法律问题. 

易胜博官网也感谢易胜博官网的赞助商, 聪明的学院, who offer training 而且 development support within the insurance industry 而且 王的能量 当地一家家庭经营管道和供暖公司.  

Four keynote speakers shared their experiences 而且 insights throughout the evening during a series of inspiring talks. 马丁Millmore他分享了他从欧洲核子研究中心到 谷歌, with some key messages about building resilience while navigating a career 而且 how we can all adapt 而且 learn from setbacks; 迈克尔·威尔逊 (或1991-1998),董事 花旗, shared his exciting career with several investment banks 而且 various IT start-ups 而且 consultancies. 他概述了IT和金融之间的重叠; 汤姆·惠普尔 (OR 1993-2000),中科院科学编辑 《易胜博官网》, shared how writing for the Reading Rag (a 读学校 newspaper) took him on an adventurous career in writing which combined his love for Mathematics 而且 Science with journalism; 而且 欧尔哈珀,合作伙伴发展经理 投资 谁分享了制作简历的技巧, 就业技能, 建立个人品牌和网络的重要性.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of our keynote speakers for volunteering their time to attend the 读学校 职业生涯 Convention 2022.

The evening also featured many local employers from a wide range of industries (from Law to Science) who all met with students to discuss career pathways. 组织包括: 奥雅纳; BDO LLP); KPMG LLP); 英国皇家伯克郡医院; 木材公司; 国家电网 而且 文化、空间,举几个例子.

易胜博官网也感谢所有代表给予的时间, which included 14 Old Redingensians who returned to 读学校 as delegates to share their experiences in their chosen field. Students have had an opportunity to hear from them while they shared their career journeys since leaving 读学校, while providing reassurance to those not knowing which career to pursue, 同时鼓励他们去探索每一个机会.

读学校 is also indebted to all our volunteers 而且 is very fortunate to have alumni, 现任和前任父母, as well as friends connected to our school who all come together as a 读学校 community to work in partnership 而且 deliver an array of career opportunities 而且 wisdom shared with students.   



 “非常感谢你们组织了这次精彩的职业之夜! 我真的相信这对所有参加的学生来说都是无价的. 我也非常喜欢主讲人的讲座, 我相信其他学生也会同意我的看法. 向阅读学校团队致敬!”

医学物理与临床工程主管David Cook (皇家伯克郡医院信托基金)说:

“I was really chuffed to bits that so many of our team gave up their evening to attend, 正如你所说, 这次会议真的很热闹. 也, 我不得不说茶点非常美味, 这次活动的组织也是一流的, 所以每一秒都是值得的. This is a great opportunity for us to inform bright young people about science careers in the NHS, 而且 I really hope we have inspired one or two to consider this as a possible future career. 再次感谢,我相信易胜博官网下次还会这样做的.”

Ben Lewis (OR 2017),咨询分析师(德勤管理咨询公司)说:

“I was surprised I was busy all evening with engaged students asking lots of questions.  这是一个非常棒的活动,回馈学校也很可爱.”

Neeraj Mawkin (OR 2008),主任(CS)说:

“I’ve lost my voice, as I didn’t stop all evening speaking to enthusiastic students.  能回来并能以某种方式回馈社会真是太棒了, 尤其是这里是我人生的起点.  如果没有读书学校,我就不会有现在的我.”

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读学校 continues to develop networking 而且 mentoring opportunities.  因此,易胜博官网鼓励所有校友加入 阅读学校领英 有超过3500个or,以及加入 读书会校友会, where we will be piloting our mentoring programme to benefit our sixth form students 而且 undergraduates.  

Our last face to face 职业生涯 event was in 2019 before the p而且emic impacted school 而且 wider life. We would like to applaud the time that the entire team has put into planning 而且 delivering the 读学校 职业生涯 Convention, which has the aim of making a positive impact on the lives of our students. 为此,易胜博官网感谢(不分轻重):

吕女士(助理校长), Jas Chhokar女士(社会经理), Miss Piatrice Hutchinson (Society Coordinator) for managing 而且 coordinating the event. Mr J Roberts (leading the Estates Team) 而且 Mr M Zakrzewski (leading the catering team).

Thank you to all the staff 而且 parents who supported on the night including: Mr T Evans (Assistant Head), 麦高乐先生(助理主管), 劳埃德先生(助理校长 & 舍监),女士. C德赛(职业顾问), 甘博士(生物教师), 及Jesus Sanchez先生(寄宿舍监), S Eggers女士(英语教师)和联合主席, 科斯蒂·麦金尼斯和科斯塔·里佐来自 RSPA. Mr D Singh (社区 Relations Manager) for covering the event in order to share it with those that could not attend.

再一次, our excellent student ambassadors who acted as delegates for the first time ever, 分享最近的UCAS申请和牛桥知识, 阿奇·T, Dinindu W, 马修·C, Fin S和Arvind A(13年级).  As well as those who undertook roles 而且 responsibilities on the night demonstrating competencies such as team work, 领导, 协作, flexibility 而且 remaining approachable 而且 respectful to our guests at all times.  Thank you Adam P (学校 Captain); Daniel Vetsko; William L; Dominic S; Ollie B; Neil P; Toby C; Thomas M; Rovindu H; Ewan A L; Ransen P; Vaibhav M; Kalvin G; Aryan G Oliver L; Roshan P; Karan B; Mithun R S; Jacob M; William M; Armaan C (Year 10); Milan G (Year 10) Branson R (Year 11) Kavin A (11W).  A huge thanks to our boarders who volunteered to assist with the setting up 而且 taking down of the English Rooms: Jeremi C; Parthiv M; Pavi P; Inura I; Miaka C; Danyal K; Abhiram B; Jonathan O; brilliantly look sled by Harry A.

As posted on the Student Teams Channel, please note that Dr Rebecca Harwin who represented 文化、空间 我想确认一下, 对工作经验感兴趣的人, 工作经验的申请今天结束. 申请可访问http://stfc-workexperience.co.英国(stfc-workexperience.co.uk).

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